Here are the most frequently asked questions (faqs)


What is Korean BBQ?

This tradition originated from the nomadic Yemaek tribe in Korean history. As they were a nomadic tribe, they were always on the move, so to have a meal, it needed to be quick and accessible with only the resources they had at the time.

The same practice is applied in today's Korean BBQ (KBBQ) places, as the customer cooks their own food even inside the restaurant itself.

I have a food allergy, What parts of the kit should I be worried about?

Our entire product list does NOT consist of anything with nuts and dairy.

If you would like a detailed list, locate the ingredients page or click HERE.

If you have any other concerns, please make sure to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Where does all this food come from?

As a locally owned business, we prefer to have locally owned goods, so everything we send to you will be locally sourced from the Ames/Des Moines area.

I am trying to add different meats, but it will not let me add the kit to my cart.

There is a limit as to how much meat can be in each kit, specifically for our catering kits. For example, our Ultra Catering Kit has a MAXIMUM of 8 lbs of meat.

So ANY combination that would ADD up to 8 would be accepted. Any more or less and our website will not let you continue.

Is there a way for me to remove ingredients from the kit?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove any unwanted extras and/or vegetables from the kit.

Is there any special equipment I need to buy to use these kits?

No. All of our kits will require, at most, one basic, stovetop saucepan.

I got my first kit; where do I begin?

There are two aspects to our kit: The meat and the Ssam

The meat you have chosen in our kits will be your meat choice. This meat is to be cut into thin slices, and then put on a pan or grill.

Ssam is the veggie portion of our kit. This is where you tear one piece of lettuce (straight from the head) and then once you have put in the veggies of your choice, top it with the ssamjang or gochujang.

I ordered my meat, but it looks like something has been done to it.

Our beef short ribs are also known as galbi, a traditional Korean cuisine. We have marinated the galbi with a soy sauce mixture.

Our thinly sliced beef is also known as bulgogi, another traditional Korean cuisine. This has a similar marination process as the galbi but not the same ingredients. All of these ingredients are in the ingredients tab.

NOTE: This mixture does NOT contain any nuts or dairy products.

How do I know what to do with the kit?

Within the video tab are embedded videos that will allow you to have a visual aide when cooking your kit.

I am in the dorms and have little to no access to a stove or any kitchen appliances; will this accommodate for that?

Yes, most of our products are able to be heat up even in microwaves. Although we do suggest stovetops for best results.

What is the shipping and handling process?

Since we are operating in such a small radius (Ames/Des Moines area), all of your kits are organized by hand and will be delivered by us to your door.

How will catering work in this case?

Our catering option will include the same process as our normal kits. HOWEVER, this is an option for a quicker way to host for larger events.

The key differences between our catering options and our normal kit is that the meat will be PRE-COOKED, instead of only marinated. This way it does not take nearly as much time to cook as it would normally.

Will there be somewhere I can buy a personal stovetop or other equipment?

As we are primarily a FOOD distributor, we are currently NOT selling any equipment that can be used.

However, if you would like to ask for references and/or ask for another option, make sure to email us about your question and we will try to work something out.

What is the return policy

Unfortunately there is NO return policy. Once your order is confirmed, you cannot return anything from the kit, even if it has been sanitized or untouched.